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What the Indian Government has done.....!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

India stands at the 5th Position with a 2.651 Trillion in the GDP ranking among the world

Have you ever wondered, with the kind of a decent ranking, still we could see lot of problems in India in terms of financials and other infra developments...? In Social media lot of hypes on the central government, with lot of laughs and Meme reflecting the failure of the Government.

Psychological emotional drama:-

After a deep analysis on the social trending data with a behavioral analysis, It was found that people are made to believe on certain things only by triggering their emotions, When you are in the emotional stage, your thinking patterns cuts. By this way people are made to believe on certain stupid things.

Game will begin like a real time stories, combined with some false stories, Thus making them believe.

Start analyzing the information that you get in Internet.....!

India's problem:-

With the kind of trillion dollar economy India could have done wonders

  1. Can make India as a TAX free nation

  2. Can make Indian citizens as Billionaires

  3. Can give quality Education for free

  4. Can give quality medicines for free

But why we cant able to do this....?


Let me give you an another data from Macro Economics,

  1. In GDP per capita, India is in the 150th place

  2. Per capita gross domestic product (GDP) measures a country's economic output per person

  3. Output is the major factor that is responsible for Incoming wealth

  4. We are below Bangladesh,

  5. Even some African countries are above us

We are in the 161th place in Tax percentage contribution to the GDP

Roughly around 0.5 % tax contribution

With the 30 % Income slot we should at least receive 1 to 2 %

Now, Can you understand the missing aspect,

Even if you have a 100 crore revenue, If the margin is 0.00000000000001, whats the point.

Reason for the above scenario (No man Land) :-

  • India 2020 population is estimated at 1,380,004,385 people at mid year according to UN data.

  • India population is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population.

  • India ranks number 2 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population

Do you think, It is possible to track all these people,

With the kind of software knowledge that i acquired by working, It is a big huge task,

If we monetize all these people, then we can properly utilize our trillion dollar economy.

Identification :-

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.”

The Holy Bible: King James Version

Like the above saying, Identifiers came as a process implementation by the Indian Government,

Stage 1 : Aadhar

Stage 2 : Aadhar + Pan linking

With the identifiers implementation only, China came to the race of Super power.

Huge investments came in to China,

Now, Its our turn, Indians.

Why India....?

  • USA has reached a stagnant stage in growth

  • China had its chance, but didn't capitalize the opportunity well, Still running

  • Now the entire world's eye on India

You can ask me, like there are other certain countries are there,

Why India..........?

Because apart from other countries, India is in the No 1 spot of the Identifiers implementation. We are done with our ground work.

Proof of Concept :-

If you don't believe in the above content,

Go and check the below aspects for yourself, simple a logical mind will help you,

  • Tax percentage per GDP increased from 0.5 % to 1.5 %

  • Almost a 3X growth, think about the future

  • Recent changes and amendments are based on the data collected from the Identifiers

  • In 2017, Nifty was 10,500, by now its 17,800, rough figures,

  • RBI is targeting 15 % growth from Tax by 2030

So investing in India will give 1000 X growth in upcoming years

Next 20 yrs world's growth depends on India's growth.

According to the Macro economics data this effect will be there for the next 50 yrs.

This is what the government has done.......!

  • But my simple question here is, Are ready to make use of this humongous change,

  • People who run the quality business is going to be the Billionaires of the world,

  • By acting smart in the digital implementation, not depending on the 3rd party platform,

  • Your Data, Your Customers, Your Analytics should stay with you.

If you are one of that serious people who wanted to make the change.

Book an appointment, we will explore further.

Kindly share this Article on your social media platform, to spread the awareness.

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