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Kindly put aside of things that you were told earlier.

  • Once when i was walking on "Kollimalai" small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu, India,

  • It is also considered as one of the places where people have seen some mysterious  people with some super natural abilities,

  • But keeping all the myths aside, i went there for a personal trip,

  • Guide warned me not to go there, pointing a particular place,

  • But out of curiousness i badly wanted to see that place 

  • So, as planned, when no one was there, I tried that attempt

  • It took me deeper in to the forest 

  • Since i had my pervious training to survive on difficult environment  

  • It helped lot to travel inside the forest

Anishkumar Chandran: Welcome

Mysterious Chanting.......! 


  • When i was travelling along the deep side of the forest​

  • Suddenly i started hearing some chanting 

  • Still now i couldn't  able to recall that chanting 

  • It was kind of complete different language

  • Then my mind started playing games with me

  • It recalled all the horror films that i watched from my childhood

  • I was completely disturbed

  • Then i took the decision to return back 

  • But fortunately or unfortunately, my return way looks like the same way,

  • To be more precise both the ways are looking like the same way,

  • Now just imagine my situation,

  • What can i do now.....?

Anishkumar Chandran: About


  • Suddenly I started hearing some foot steps,

  • Someone is approaching me,

  • Some kind of relief, I felt much relaxed,

  • Actually he was a local tribe over there 

  • And he was on his regular walk on searching some herbs

  • Then i could able to communicate with him on my native language

  • He promised me to take to my place safely  

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  • When we were casually walking on the deep forest,

  • I asked that tribe, since this place so deep & dense

  • What will you do for certain basic things if you want immediately

  • He just smiled and said i will just think of it and it will reach me

  • I was little bit curious, and i have asked him, whether he performs any black magic

  • He didn't replied just continued walking

  • Then he asked me suddenly, what are you thinking right now, right this moment,

  • I said i am thinking of a project that i need to complete this year

  • He just smiled and said, So, you are not conscious enough on the current moment,

  • So called God or Universe are always in the frequency of the current moment

  • Only if you are on that current moment of higher consciousness

  • Your ask will be delivered  

  • Right now you are lost in this big forest

  • Your Goal is to reach your place safely, But you are being unconscious,

  • And Thinking of something else, this is why you Humans fail....!

    I was wondering if he is indicating me as Human, Then who is he.....?
    What is He....? 
    Am i in to a biggest trouble...?
    Whether he is a Ghost.....?
    Whether he is a Man-eater

Anishkumar Chandran: Text


  • Tribe smiled and said, don't you worry

  • Your panic vibrations will attract a real ghost or Man-eater around here

  • Calm down for some time, Relax,

  • Your mind is loaded with thoughts

  • That thoughts form a pattern in your mind

  • That will be your belief system

  • "Your thoughts are your Karma"

  • If you cleanse your thoughts

  • Your Karma will be cleansed

  • Let me tell you something for example you need a Car

  • But your mindset is all about the lack mentality

  • In your Life time you will never manifest a car at all 

I was wondering whether he is a tribe or Law of attraction Life coach

The i asked him what technique you follow to attract things

He said "Anthakarna Suddhi" to cleanse the mind to free from Karma

Practiced by Siddhas, Yogis to free from Karma,

He told the procedures, then said

Everything will happen like, you will think and it will come to you,

Out of curiousness i have asked him how can i believe this,

He said your place is arrived,

I was wondering like how i got here,

When I was about to ask the question to the tribe

He was totally gone from that place kind of a phenomenal incident

Anishkumar Chandran: Text


  • The Guide ran towards me with the great relief 

  • And said sir, we were searching for you for all-round the forest   

  • Since he have already warned about that place

  • I haven't revealed what actually happened,

  • I simply managed that situation

  • But I have asked him what kind of tribal community lives in that Area

  • He said all the tribal community had vacated from that place

  • No one lives there, that's why that place is restricted from public access 

  • I recalled that last words of that mysterious guy

    "Share this for a Cause"

Anishkumar Chandran: Text
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